Current Projects

At the current time there are no specific projects underway. We are however very grateful for the past generous response that has allowed us to complete the male staff accommodation and the sewing room at NGSS.

Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School is looking into the possibility of  providing a better and more suitable kitchen area, and we are waiting for costings for this.

We continue to support new students at NGSS by providing them with a new mosquito net at the beginning of their stay at the School.

We also help to support the provision of a sewing tutor to help the girls learn sewing skills in the new Sewing room.

At Ruth Memorial Nursery School we have recently helped provide for the building of a wall to separate the kitchen area from the toilets - highly recommended!!!









We were also delighted that we were in a position to help the School to install a water tap.









Click here to watch it's official turning on!

We continue to provide stationary, and further help with this is needed. If you can assist please contact us or donate via the button here.

The Mary Wood Trust UK Charity Number 1144311

Last edited 22nd June 2020