Ruth Memorial Nursery School

Recently we had a request for  some new furniture, and we were able to help the school out in the purchase of an office desk and 6 chairs and also 30 twin desks.





Following the last visit in July 2019 we were made aware that the state of the buildings needed some assistance and repair, and we were also able to assist the school in these repairs.




Jess and Emily’s visits to Ruth Memorial Nursery School in July 2019 caused much excitement and merriment amongst both the children and the staff. As always the singing and the dancing were great- such enthusiasm and all wanting to be involved and make their voices heard.

We were able to hand over all the amazing colouring books, felt tip pens, pencils, rubbers, paper, scissors and glue that were donated by kind supporters in Wilmslow. A huge thank you for those.

Who would have thought of painting walls and painting hands and making hand prints on the walls? Well, Jess and Emily did, and the children, once they got over the fact of their hands being different colours, were more than happy to put their individual marks on the walls! Even the teachers and the director, Ephraim, got involved.

Emily made some pink and green play dough for the children to play with. Again, it was obvious that this was their first time to be playing with something like this. Another new experience.

Talking about shared experiences – the children and teachers showed Emily and Jess how to make balls and dolls and mats out of dried banana leaves. Suffice to say that more practice is needed there!

Sadly, in June this year the mattresses that the young children take a nap on had been stolen. Thankfully, due to generous donations, we were able to replace these.

By the time Jess and Emily had to leave, the Nursery School was looking brighter and more inviting and hopefully the teachers will feel inspired to carry on with the new craft and fun activities.




It is very rewarding to visit RMNS as the children are so welcoming and loving, and eager for hugs or just to hold one’s hand. The 4 teachers, under the directorship of Ephraim Tumwesigye, provide a happy and safe environment for the many orphans that attend this nursery school. Aged between 3 and 9 or10, the 65 or so children learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. In fact, some of the maths lessons written up on the board looked very advanced to me!

The double desks that we have provided in the past are still in use (although I think these will need upgrading in the next year or two, the children are now benefiting from porridge every day, occasional pancakes and recently milk twice a week. Although the teachers are not qualified as we might expect they certainly have love and enthusiasm and this shows when the children sing and dance for us.

The stationary that we provide thanks to donations from a church in Chelmsford and other donors, allow Ephraim to set tests and provide exercise books and pencils as needed. Once again we were able to donate a couple of footballs to the school, much to the delight of the children, and also buy 3 mattresses so that the youngest children no longer have to nap on the hard floor.

We are particularly grateful to St James Place Foundation for their recent grant which has allowed two unfinished classrooms to be completed has bought replacement kitchen equipment and mugs and plates and has also provided some outdoor play equipment for the children to enjoy. However, for the children to be able to play safely at the front of the school, the ground has had to be leveled and re-grassed and soon will be fenced in. We are so grateful to those who have responded positively and given so generously to allow these needy children to learn, play and be nourished in a safe and healthy environment.

Clare and Oliver Ramsden, both recently visited the school and were entertained as usual by the children. They were particularly please to be able to say thank you to the Trust and it's supporters for helping to make their compound secure, and for the games equipment, food and milk as the short video above shows.

In the Summer of 2018, we were thrilled to be able to answer a request from Ephraim that he had for some more games equipment. As a result we have been able to send sufficient money in order for them to purchase a slide and other items.  Please see the photos below...

The children all seem very happy!

Ruth Memorial Nursery School takes infants who are mostly orphans, who otherwise would be unable to access early years education and care. As a charity we have been able to support them in various construction projects, but mainly with the provision of porridge and home made pancakes, and stationary for the children to use.

The children are all very happy to receive the assistance.  Please click here to watch a video of them saying thank you.

The Mary Wood Trust UK Charity Number 1144311

Last edited 22nd June 2020