Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School

Sewing Room






The initial project is now complete and the first sewing machines are in place with more planned for 2012. The school chose a room that would be suitable and as a Trust we have helped to get this refurbished. Thank you to all those who have helped to make this possible, especially Kath Smith, who had this wonderful vision to create an opportunity for students to develop a practical skill that will serve them well in the future.

As well as teaching the basic sewing skills, the part-time sewing and tailoring teacher, Ketra, has shown the girls how to make cotton shopping bags. The majority of these were taken back to the UK in 2019 and sold to raise money for the new music system at the school.The second group of 80 bags was also sold earlier this year and this will provide the funds needed to purchase 5 more 

reconditioned sewing machines, once the school returns fully, hopefully next February.

There are quite a number of girls who now would like to take Sewing and Tailoring up to

 O-level standard.

The photos below show the room ready for use, students eager to learn this new skill and some of the colourful shopping bags they have made.


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