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Further Education

Bwindi Nursing School.jpg

Asia (Student Midwife) and

Prudence (Student Nurse)


Prudence Akankwasa completed her certificate in Nursing at Bwindi Nursing School in 2021 and received her certificate at a ceremony in the summer of 2022.

She has been working at a hospital in Gulu in Northern Uganda. She is planning  to go back to school next year to study for a  diploma, if she can save enough funds .


These are her words of appreciation:
"One day, a long-time dream looked like a mess and the hope was almost lost, but like the believers are blessed, I was blessed with the restoration of my dreams and given a chance to better my nothing.

It doesn't matter what the start looks like but the end defines efforts and commitment entrusted.

I'm blessed to reach this far and very thankful to the Mary Wood Trustees for supporting me.

May God bless you abundantly .

Regards from nurse Prudence. 

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