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NGSS I Stand bag project


During Jess and Emily Leigh’s visit to NGSS in July 2019 they discussed with the whole school about  girls’ empowerment, the importance of girls ‘having a voice’ and ‘having their voice heard’.

The outcome of this was the idea for the girls to make bags, out of colourful African cotton material, using the skills learnt in the new Cliff Smith sewing room at the school. These would then be sold, mainly in the UK, and the profits would then be put towards something which the girls felt would improve their lives at school.

Many ideas were put forward such as providing better food and renovating some of the classrooms. However, the overall winning vote went to providing a music system for the school. Not only will that enhance the worship in church but also provide the means of listening and dancing to popular music. It would also save the cost of hiring a music/PA system on special occasions at the school.

The great news is that all these bags were sold and the school now have their music system!

It was used for the first time on Mary Wood Day, March 8th 2020, both at the church service to provide background music and then later so that the girls could dance to their own choice of music.

The second lot of 80 bags was brought back to the UK in March 2020 and once again, all the bags have now been sold! The project this time was to be able to buy 5 more reconditioned sewing machines, so that all the girls who wish to take O-level in Tailoring will have a machine to work at.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this wonderful project. Once the school returns to full attendance, the machines will be purchased and we can show photos of them in the  sewing room.

Jess also produced a great video of some of the girls, as part of this I Stand Project. You can see it by clicking on this link.

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