Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School


Mary Wood Day 2017

This year it was agreed that Mary Wood Day would be held on the nearest Saturday to March 8th, to allow for Old Girls to attend if they were able. Unfortunately, it clashed with an important celebration at Bwindi Nursing School which meant that several Diocesan staff could not come, including Bishop Dan. However, his wife, Mama Florah came instead., which was great.

We were blessed with dry weather which allowed all the sports and games to go ahead without interruption.

The day started with a Thanksgiving Service for Mary Wood - who was the inspiration for this charity. In remembering her, we also remembered all strong women who strive to help those less fortunate than themselves, and who realise how important education is, for girls especially.

During the offertory, it was very moving indeed to see the generous giving

from people who have so very little. Chickens, pineapples, maize, cabbages,

sweet potatoes, honey, sugar cane, and then finally a young calf. These

were all then auctioned off and the proceeds used to benefit the school.

An amazing example of generous giving, from the heart.

The various speeches on that day carried the same theme - the importance

of education for girls and the need to encourage girls to stay on at school and not

to drop out. Parents were also reminded of their responsibility to discourage early

marriage. We have seen a couple of our girls recently who have not completed their

education because of this.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the girls singing and dancing, eating a

good lunch, watching various races and playing a short football match For once

the rain did not stop play and it was obvious that football is a cause for much

excitement, hilarity and seriousness!

Bearing in mind just how needy all the girls at the school are, the MWT had

managed to raise some funds to be able to provide some small necessities for

everyone. And so the day was completed by a handing out of sanitary towels,

hard backed exercise books, bath soap and a pen to everyone. Everyone was

very happy indeed.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

The Mary Wood Trust UK Charity Number 1144311

Last edited 22nd June 2020