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Christmas 2023

Want an alternative Christmas Gift?

We have some options for you...

1. A small donation of £5 will enable us to buy a mosquito net for one student.

You can donate by clicking here

If you give this gift you can download a Christmas card from here


2. Donate £10 and help us to be able to give each of the students and female staff sanitary items for the whole of 2024.  Goal is £1,000. Click here to give.

If you give this gift you can download a Christmas card from here


3. Download, stream or order a copy of:

'The Horse with a golden mane'

"a feel-good eclectic mix of relaxing music"

Written and performed by Dave Hutchins and Pam Holliday

Click here to access the band camp website.

50% of any donations will go to the Mary Wood Trust.

Contact Lyndon directly for a CD if you would like one.

The money raised is going towards the purchase of new desks and chairs for the A-Level Block.  


So far raised £233 as of 29th November 2023


4. Give a regular donation. We are hoping to be able to celebrate 40 years of Nyakabungo's existence in 2024 by sponsoring 40 girls. This takes a regular commitment of £20 per month - the equivalent of 66p per day.

Sponsoring a girl at Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School in SW Uganda is a wonderful way to help. Your £20 per month, will help the school provide their food, a place to stay, and other needs while they study at this boarding school in a rural area.


The government covers their school fees, but your support helps with their living expenses and pays part-time teachers who aren’t funded by the government. This is especially important in a place where many girls need help.


The school’s headteacher and others choose the girls who need the most support. Sometimes, your sponsorship also helps bright students who might not get a chance for a good education.


The goal is to support your girl for four years up to O level and, if needed, an additional two years for A level. You can stay in touch with the student through letters or emails, and you’ll get school reports to see the progress.


Your help is making a big difference in these girls’ lives and their community.

All it takes is to set up a standing order with your bank or building society.

Please follow this link for more information about how to set this up.


5. Sponsor a desk and chair for the new A-Level Block

- something like this one pictured. 

We think that these will cost approximately £25 - £50  each.

If you would like to support this then click here.

If you would like a Gift Card , than click here

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