Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School

Samaritan Fund

There are many girls who struggle each term to provide all the necessary items they need on returning to school each term. This can range from toilet paper, a bucket, nightdress, paper, sanitary towels. At the start of the first term in February 2017 these items cost in total approximately £25. This can be enough to delay a girl coming to school or sometimes be a reason why she doesn’t turn up at all. Also during the school year there are some girls who need eye tests or glasses, an emergency trip to hospital, a new uniform skirt.  Again, remembering the backgrounds of the girls, they often cannot afford these items.

We started this special fund, to be able to provide help when absolutely necessary. The head teacher also has solicited support from some of the ladies in her church, who provide some small essential items.

We have been blessed with support for this and on her last trip to Uganda, Clare was able to distribute some of these items to the girls.

We have also been able to assist at least one ex-student who is now attending a further education course who has had ongoing problems with her eyes. Her latest episode has resulted in her needing to travel to Kampala to seek further assistance.

Medical treatment is not free in Uganda, and so she was very glad that we were able to help her.

If you are able to help in any way towards this we would be delighted. Thank you

The Mary Wood Trust UK Charity Number 1144311

Last edited 22nd June 2020