Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School

Sponsored Girls

It is always very rewarding to meet and get to know a little better the girls that we are supporting and these annual visits to Uganda allow us to do that. All the girls we sponsor come from very poor families and have sad stories to tell. Fathers who are drunkards, mothers who are sick, girls who have many siblings that are being looked after by an aged grandparent. Even one girl whose parents were both dead and who has been looking after her two young siblings by herself. All of them are trying hard to scrape a few shillings together, often by working on the land- either theirs or someone else’s.

Good education is something that the majority of us in this country just take for granted. That everyone can go to school, that teachers will turn up to teach. However, in Uganda, despite Universal Secondary Education being available, it is often the teachers in the government schools who are discontent, waiting many months to get paid and therefore don’t turn up to class. By sponsoring these girls at NGSS, which is a boarding school, and where the teachers are more incentivised, we are at least giving them a chance to learn and we are so grateful to those of you who have decided to help in this way.

Several of our Mary Wood girls are now studying at University and vocational colleges. (You can read about them further on).

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Last edited 22nd June 2020