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The Health Centre is run by the local Diocese. It provides general medical services, including maternity, and has a dental unit and laboratory that we have been able to support. We have received support from Medical Missionary News, and this has enabled us to support the setting up of the dental clinic and also improve the facilities in the laboratory. Click the link to read an extract from the MMN magazine in Summer 2016.

We have also been involved in providing new latrines and running water to the facilities to raise the sanitation standards. The dentist, Peter, is active here as well as visiting local outreaches including Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School. They have been assisted by Dentaid UK which has been involved in supplying some of the essential equipment and technical support. You can read more about this on the next page.

We have recently (September 2018) been able to send a donation to enable them to go on outreach trips, which will take Peter out into the community and be able to provide some basic Dental Care and health education.

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