We are extremely grateful for all those who freely give on an occasional and also a regular basis. It has enabled us to support many girls through their education at Nyakabungo, many orphans at the Nursery School, assist the Health Centre in meeting the needs of those who are cared for there. We continue to work alongside those on the ground in Uganda, to try to help them meet their needs.

We have also been able to assist at least one ex-student of NGSS who is now attending a further education course who has had ongoing problems with her eyes. He latest episode has resulted in her needing to travel to Kampala to seek further assistance. If you are able to help in any way towards this we would be delighted. Thank you

If you are able in any way to assist, the please do get in touch and find out how you are able to help.  Thank you

The Mary Wood Trust UK Charity Number 1144311

Last edited 22nd June 2020