Introduction to the Trust


In 2002, Mary Wood was asked by the Bishop of Kinkiizi, to try and find a way to raise funds for girls secondary education in that area, and as a result Mary Wood set up Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School Scholarship and Development Fund.
Bishop John Ntegyereize, the first Bishop of Kinkiizi, had highlighted Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School as one for particular help. Mary Wood invited two friends, Kath Smith and Ann Gover from the Yorkshire village of Lothersdale where she lived to join her, and the exempted charity was created. Ann and Kath both have many years of experience in teaching and both shared Mary Wood’s desire to help those less fortunate in this particular area of Uganda.

Initially the charity was part of the Bradford Diocese, under the auspices of Christ Church, Lothersdale. However, almost 10 years after the initial thoughts were put in place, it is now a full charity in its own right, in the name of The Mary Wood  Trust - a wonderful achievement and

a lasting memorial to the work that Mary Wood started.

The charity now has five trustees -

Kath Smith, Ann Gover, Clare Ramsden, Pippa Hutchins and Peter Wood.

Mary Wood died in December 2008, aged 85.

She was comforted in the knowledge that  her dream for the

education of disadvantaged young women in Kinkiizi Diocese

would continue.

Mary Wood and her eldest daughter 

Clare Ramsden in February 2008  

The Mary Wood Trust UK Charity Number 1144311

Last edited 22nd June 2020