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Further Education

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My name is Gift Orishaba

I was pursuing a Bachelor of Public Administration and Management at Uganda Christian University (Bishop Barham Campus).

I would like to take this honour to thank the Mary wood Trustees, Mum, Mrs Clare Ramsden and her husband, Mr Oliver Ramsden and the Diocese of Kinkiizi.

Who have worked together to shape me into a responsible woman I have become.

I'm so glad to say that I'm now a graduate by the grace of God through the MWT.

I was helpless after completing my Primary School being a girl from a humble family as I had almost lost hope for continuing with my studies  though I loved school so much.

It was in 2013 when the MWT held my hand and supported me in my studies up to university and now I'm a graduate.

Great thanks to the whole team for helping young needy girls like me from a nobody to a somebody.

May the Lord use me to help others whenever I can because I have witnessed the goodness of being compassionate.

Long live Mary wood Trustees.

Long live Kinkiizi Diocese. 



Gift Orishaba,

studied at Bishop Barham Christain university in Kabale and graduated 

with a upper Second class degree (2.1) 

- Bachelor of Public Administration.

Well done Gift!!

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