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The origins of The Mary Wood Trust charity date back to 2002, when the initial plan was to improve the fabric  at Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School (NGSS) - mending the leaking dormitory roofs and concreting damaged floors - as well as finding sponsorship for 10 needy girls at the school (a Church of Uganda girls only boarding school). Since then our support there has expanded and we now sponsor over 40 girls at the school and have also completed a number of major building projects.

We have also been able to support a small number of our girls as they have progressed into further education - university, nursing school and technical colleges. 

Ruth Memorial Nursery School (RMNS)in Kihiihi, which provides nursery and early primary education to the needy children in the area, also comes under our umbrella and the Diocesan Health Centre at Nyakatere has had support over the years for their dental unit, laboratory equipment, generator and washing facilities

All this has been possible because of the great generosity of our supporters over many years. Thank you!

Latest news

January 28th 2021

The Ugandan election is now over and after violent clashes and allegations of vote rigging Museveni continues in his role as President for another 4 years.

Covid 19 has caused great disruption in the country. However, according to the latest statistics, there  have only been  316  deaths caused by  the coronavirus.

Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School reopened on January 18th but only for the 27 candidates studying for their O and A levels They will sit their final exams in April. There is hope that there may be a phased return for further students in the near future.  However there is no doubt that with no online or home schooling for the past year, the whole education system has been disrupted and students countrywide have suffered. Most pupils will have missed a whole year’s schooling as there is very little in the way of online teaching but it is not clear how this will be addressed.

The MWT continues to support the school and an order has been put in place for an additional 5 reconditioned sewing machines at NGSS,   using the proceeds from the second sale of cotton shopping bags, made by the girls at the school. Photos will follow when they arrive.

We are also funding some much needed building maintenance work at the school. During the Christmas break this was begun, with  the collapsing verandas on the main hall building being rebuilt. (Note that a veranda is quite a small part of a building in Uganda – not a space for entertaining!) Photos of the work are shown below.

We are keeping in touch with all our friends in Uganda and continually looking at ways of offering support as they struggle with the pandemic and the poor support available from the central and local government.