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September 2020

Coronavirus is still causing problems in Uganda. The President made a recent declaration outlining what the country should do in response to the pandemic. In the current situation, there is no clear date as to when the Schools and Universities will re-open, along with the rest of society.

We are aware that there is suffering in Kinkiizi and Kanungu, and are looking at ways of being able to support where we can. Please do get in touch if you would like to have more details and would like to help us help them.

June 2020

On 19th June 2020, the NEW Nyakabungo-Matukuru Water Spring just outside Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School, was commissioned.

The school is delighted that after much discussion and negotiation between the community and the school, aided and supported by Watsan and The Mary Wood Trust, that  it has been possible to protect the spring and provide clean safe water both for the community and the school. Bishop Dan Zoreka presided over the commissioning.

Please see below for photographs of this special day.


March 2020



March 8th - International Women’s Day – Mary Wood Day


Since 1911, March 8th has been recognised and celebrated in various and growing ways as International Women’s Day. It is an opportunity throughout the world to “celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality”.

Even in a remote rural area of S W Uganda this day is celebrated. At Nyakabungo Girls Secondary School they combine this day with Mary Wood Day; in memory of Mary Wood, who took up the challenge given to her by Bishop John Ntegyereize, the first bishop of Kinkiizi Diocese, to turn this school around and build it up, both in its fabric and also in its desire to give the many underprivileged girls in the area a chance for a good secondary education.

That was almost 20 years ago and since then the school has had many ups and downs.

From small beginnings of fundraising by Mary, selling home grown plants and home made marmalade, outside her home in the Yorkshire Dales, and giving talks about the importance of educating girls, 10 girls were given scholarships to the school and iron sheets were bought to stop the leaking dormitory roofs.

Now the Mary Wood Trust (set up as a full charity after Mary died in 2008) supports 30 girls in the boarding section of the school and 10 day girls. We have come a long way in 20 years, providing improved staff accommodation, a sick bay, new dormitories and hopefully a new kitchen and store later this year.

All because of the vison of a strong woman, the vison of the importance of giving girls an education and how this can and will affect the future of a family, a community and potentially a nation.

Here are a few comments from some of our girls who have recently completed university or further education. When you read these you know that it is all worthwhile and that we are helping in this global move to uplift women.


From Joan who is in her final year of a degree in Public Administration

“When you teach a girl you have developed a Nation, because women are to be trusted much more than men, in both administration and finance. They are even entrusted with responsibilities in management, not only in the offices but also in their families. They raise well behaved children and brings stability in their homes. Long live the Mary Wood Trust,  long live girl child education and long live Uganda. Thank you above all to God”.


From Medius, who recently completed a course in electrical installation

“I am very proud to be one of the few chosen offsprings of the Mary Wood Trust. it was because of the support you gave me that am what I am now. It is a blessing from GOD.  I want to extend my sincere appreciation to you all and through our beloved mum, Clare, I am glad to tell you that you have produced good quality products, where by at our workplace I am one of the leaders they are proud of.  MWT members, I am glad to tell you that I am happy to be one of the engineers in our district. It shows great love for you to support me from S1 until now. How happy is my family, courtesy of the MWT. May the Almighty bless you abundantly”.


From Pamellah, who has recently completed her part 1 CPA (Chartered Professional Accountancy) exam.

“I am exceedingly humbled to thank MWT for the support towards my education since senior two to CPA level one & I thank God that I have not shamed or let you down in any way - like misusing your funds. I am glad to have reached this far & I pray to God to continue guiding me in the remaining levels. Thank you, thank you once again, may God reward you abundantly & I love you so much. Thank you for supporting girls’ education because a girl is a mother of nations & when you educate a girl, you will have opened a door for everyone. Really, may MWT live long & longer. I will live to thank you always & giving a testimony on you for what you did in my life because if it was not for you, I would be deep in the pit. May the episcopal blessing rest upon you".


Oliver and I will be setting off once again for Uganda on March 4, for three weeks. It will be a privilege to join with NGSS on March 8th as they celebrate Mary Wood Day and remember the life of a good, strong woman.

I would ask you to pray for us during our travels, on sometimes difficult roads; and also for the school, the teachers and the students, as they do their best to be part of this global change for gender equality.

The recent O level exam results have filled us with joy. At long last three girls (all MWT sponsored girls) have achieved Division 1. This in itself is such a cause for celebration, considering the poor backgrounds of these girls and the great challenges that they face in life.

We are pleased, we are proud and we celebrate and thank God for the work that we do as the Mary Wood Trust, with all your kind support. Thank you. Clare Ramsden


If you would like to know more about how you can help then please go to our website or get in touch




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Clare officially turning on the water tap at Ruth Memorial Nursery School

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